Local Economy

Local produce is usually sold within a couple of days of being picked. That means these vegetables get to your kitchen much faster than imported vegetables. As a result, the less time it takes for vegetables to travel, the fresher the produce will be. The fresher the food, the longer shelf life it will have and ultimately the more delicious it will taste!

Sunfresh Farms brings locally grown produce from the farm to your grocery store. We are owned by Alberta farmers who grow great tasting, high quality vegetables. Our field farms produce premium rutabagas, carrots, green cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and other traditional vegetables. Our Greenhouse growers produce a variety of high-quality peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, L.E. cucumbers and mini cucumbers. The growing demand for fresh vegetables produced close to home has driven Sunfresh Farms’ success over the years. We have become a strong force in Western Canada as a local produce wholesaler.

The growth of local Alberta farms has increased over the past several years. From 124 in 2006 to over 174 operations since 2016. Greenhouses have also grown. Harvested square footage of vegetables has grown from 520,013 square feet in 2012 to over 547,626 square feet since 2016. Sunfresh Farms is a proud supporter of these local farms and greenhouses.

Alberta farms are passed on through generations and usually stay in one family for years. Buying local produce that comes from a local farm generates income and jobs throughout the economy, which in turn, provide years of benefit to both the farmer and the economy.  Purchasing local helps keep unemployment low, property values high and economies independent and strong. When people buy from local farms, farmers can invest in more research and development regarding procedures and processes to continue to deliver a high quality, sustainable product. New crops will be developed, new farm equipment will be purchased and in return, more land will be used for harvest. The result of this continued development is not just a stronger Alberta, but a healthier, happy community

Local Alberta farmer in a field